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What is an HR audit and why do it?

Updated: May 13

By Miki Ackermann, Culture & Talent Works

Did you know it is prudent to review your HR and people practices, processes, and policies at least once a year? Legislative changes happen all the time, industry standards shift, market expectations, and societal changes make it necessary to complete a yearly audit of all things HR and People management.

What does an HR audit entail? It can include a review of:

• HR policies and forms

• Recruiting processes, forms (e.g., job ads, employment contracts)

• New hire orientation program and documentation

• Employee management practices

• Culture and engagement processes and measurements

• HR communication methodologies

• H&S policies, forms, procedures (by the way, the company H&S policy must be updated yearly)

• Training programs and record maintenance

• And other industry specific checks (e.g., driver records, training, food, or construction industry requirements, and so on)

An audit will allow you to determine what needs to be added, changed, or adjusted to stay current with compliance requirements and a changing business world.

Remember: once changes have been finalized, communicate the changes to staff and train as need be.

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