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Unlocking LinkedIn’s Potential: A 6-Month Strategy

By George Waggott, founder, and Roberto Fonseca-Velazquez, summer law student,

George Waggott Law

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional networking site, boasts over 1 billion users, including colleagues and countless potential clients. The platform's value as a marketing channel for businesses, especially law firms, is immense. However, many professionals struggle to engage effectively on LinkedIn due to time constraints and unfamiliarity with the platform. At the recent 18th Solo and Small Firm Conference, brand strategist Tony Albrecht gave a talk where he articulated a practical strategy for lawyers to harness LinkedIn's potential in just one hour a week over six months. This article modifies the commentary presented by Albrecht so as to make the advice applicable to professionals outside the legal field.

Benefits of an Online Presence on LinkedIn

Building a presence on LinkedIn can yield numerous benefits:

  1. Client Acquisition: Reach and attract potential clients.

  2. Name Recognition and Brand Awareness: Enhance visibility and brand recall.

  3. Strengthening Professional and Referral Networks: Expand your professional circle.

  4. Growing Your Reputation: Establish authority in your field.

  5. Speaking Opportunities: Gain invitations for public speaking engagements.

A 4-Pillar Strategy for LinkedIn

This strategy involves four key activities, broken down to fit into a manageable weekly schedule, amounting to roughly 25 hours over six months.

Clarify Your Personal Brand (2 hours total)

  • Personal Brand Definition: Identify your niche, content pillars, and target audience. Seth Godin emphasizes the importance of personal branding, stating, “Your brand is the stories that people tell themselves about you.”

  • Brand Pyramid: Fill out a Brand Pyramid to solidify your brand identity and proceed confidently on LinkedIn.

Engage with Your Network (2 hours/month, 30 minutes/week)

  • Daily Comments: Engage with one post daily to show your perspective and expertise.

  • Direct Messages: Use DMs to express appreciation, not for sales pitches.

  • Relationship Building: Commenting helps build relationships and attract attention to your profile.

Create Content (1.5 hours/month)

  • Weekly Posts: Consistent weekly posting is sufficient to gain traction. Aim to be interesting, generous, and share your point of view.

  • Batch Writing: Spend 90 minutes monthly to prepare posts, ensuring consistency without daily effort.

  • Post Characteristics: Keep posts concise (under 250 words) and engaging.

Optimize Your Profile (1.5 hours/month)

  • Headshot and Banner: Ensure your headshot is professional and update your banner with relevant, informative graphics.

  • Headline and Featured Section: Use a descriptive headline and include actionable links in the Featured Section.

  • About Section: Share your story, what you do, why you do it, and guide visitors to learn more.


By following this strategy, professionals and companies can effectively leverage LinkedIn without overwhelming time commitments. Investing just one hour a week can significantly enhance your online presence, strengthen professional relationships, and ultimately drive business growth. This structured approach balances personal branding, content creation, engagement, and profile optimization, making LinkedIn a powerful tool for modern professionals.

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