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Tips for a Greener Office

By George Waggott, founder, and Roberto Fonseca-Velazquez, summer law, student, George Waggott Law

More organizations than ever are developing eco-friendly policies to provide the opportunity for individuals to take part in green initiatives while at the office. A study from Exeter University in the U.K. found that employees were 15% more productive when working in a “green” office than their peers in non-green environments. 

If you are looking for ways to make your office greener, green initiatives don’t have to include rushing to install solar panels or replace every lightbulb with an LED alternative - there are smaller scale options available to ensure a greener office space.

Here is a list of small changes which employers can implement to make the office environment greener.

Turn Your Electronics Off!

Sure, you logged off, but how often do you turn your computer all the way off before you leave the office for the night? Alternatively, do you turn the lights off when you leave? Ensure

to turn off the lights in any conference rooms, shared spaces or offices that aren’t being used. Electronic strips or power bars often come with an on/off switch which allows for the use of a single switch to turn off all electronics on your desk. This is a simple step that can make a huge difference in the use of energy levels.

Recycle Office Supplies

Recycle empty ink cartridges, toner cartridges, used office furniture and any old electronics. Many office supply companies will come and pick up your used supplies and offer a cash incentive for recycling them. Further, switch to recycled office supplies whenever possible such as high post-consumer recycled paper. Make sure any used paper is put into the proper recycling receptacle to keep the cycle going!

Consider the Way You Commute

Think about the way you commute to work and consider making a switch to public transportation, biking, or walking. Alternatively, maybe there a possibility to set up a carpool within your office to limit the amount of single driver cars that there are on the road. Ask your organization’s executives to consider providing a stipend for green commuting such as transit passes or purchasing eco/hybrid cars.

Make Your Office Kitchen Greener

An easy area of improvement in any office is the kitchen. Start of by ensuring there are

different bins to discard garbage, compost and recycling. If your building does not support this, consider getting in touch with management to get them on board.

Replace any disposable dishes and cutlery with “real” dishes, mugs, glasses and cutlery. Use green cleaning products in the kitchen (and elsewhere in the office) that are not damaging to the environment.

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