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9 Ways to Boost Employee Attraction and Retention

Updated: May 13

By Miki Ackermann, Culture & Talent Works

In our first blog we discussed the value of using Organizational Development’s systematic approach to build a healthy workplace that attracts and retains employees and paves the way for long-term business success and growth.

Organizational Development encompasses a range of practices aimed at optimizing an organization's ability to achieve its goals. When applied to talent acquisition and retention, these strategies can significantly enhance your business’s ability to not only attract but also retain top-notch employees.

In this article, I outline nine strategies you can implement to not only draw in staff but also create an environment where they thrive and want to stay.

(1) Cultivate a Positive Culture - A positive workplace culture sets the foundation for attracting and retaining employees. Think about actively investing in defining and promoting your business values and culture and ensuring alignment with your business plans and goals.

(2) Clear Communication and Transparency - Effective communication is vital for creating a harmonious work environment. This fosters trust and imparts a sense of belonging and of being valued on the part of your employees.


Offer Competitive Compensation and Benefits - Competitive compensation and benefits packages are crucial in attracting and retaining staff. Make sure your compensation package is competitive within your local market.

(4) Provide Opportunities for Professional Growth and Development - Employees are more likely to stay with a company that invests in their personal and professional growth. Training and educational support not only benefit individual employees but increase their motivation to do their best. And will also enhance the overall skill level of your workforce, thereby enhancing their effectiveness and contributions.

(5) Emphasize Work-Life Balance - A healthy work-life balance is increasingly important to employees. Consider your working arrangements, time off, and wellness programs. This demonstrates that you value your employees' overall quality of life.

(6) Recognition and Rewards Programs - Recognizing and rewarding employee achievements is essential for morale and motivation. Implementing structured appreciation and recognition programs help create a culture of appreciation and reinforces a sense of accomplishment. Your staff take pride in what they do, and you want to recognize them for the excellent work they do for your business.

(7) Empower Leadership and Management - Effective leaders inspire and motivate their teams. Provide leadership training to your managers and supervisors. Skilled leaders are more likely to retain their teams and drive organizational success. Remember the old adage: people leave bosses, not jobs.

(8) Evaluate and Adapt Organizational Policies - Regularly review and adapt policies to address changing employee needs, recent technologies, and market trends. Flexibility and adaptability are key in responding to the evolving expectations of your workforce.

(9) Build Solid HR and H&S Policies and Procedures – Build robust HR and H&S policies and procedures that create clear guidelines and expectations for employees, thereby fostering a sense of fairness, security, and consistency in the organization. Doing this will also demonstrate your commitment to your employees' physical and mental health, which in turn enhances job satisfaction, engagement, and retention.

Implementing these strategies is not only a smart business move; it’s an investment in the future success of your business. By working on these nine areas, you will create an environment where employees are not only attracted to work but are motivated to stay and contribute their best efforts.

A healthy internal workplace makes for a healthy external brand reputation.

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